Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Treasure Island Tri

Well done Kim! All your hard work paid off and I am so proud of you! Coach Laura

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Group Workout 7/5/2010

4 Square Cone running drill

Partner squat throws
Partner burpies

Partner sprinting drill

Partner crunch toss
Partner side crunch toss
Wheel barrel or crab walk

Wall push up
Wall plyos
Stair running

Group stretching

Sunday, July 4, 2010

GET inMotion Summer Challenge

Get moving this summer with inMotin and win 3 PERSONAL TRAINING SESSIONS!

06.21.10 - 09.22.10*

Submit your activities to Coach Laura and earn points. The more you move, the more points you get! The client with the most points on the last day of summer will win 3 PERSONAL TRAINING SESSIONS.

*All workouts beginning on the first day of summer will be counted. Do your best to remember what activities you have already completed.

Let me know if you have any questions or think of an activity not listed. I look forward to seeing what all of you can accomplish this summer!

Activity: Points:
Group Exercise Class 1
Individual Cardio Session 1
Individual Resistance Training Session 1
Leisure Activity (rock climbing, walking, hiking) 1
Turning In Weekly Food Journal to Coach Laura 2
Bring a Buddy to any inMotion Activity 2
Personal Training Session 3
Sunday Group Workout 3
Complete a Race (run, tri, cycling) 4
Complete a Race in a NEW Distance 5

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sunday Group Workout 6/27/10

Warm-up Run

Dynamic Stretching:
-Walking hamstring kicks
-Hip swings

Set 1:
-Lateral BOSU squat hops
-Alt. BOSU lunge
-BOSU plank

Set 2:
-BOSU burpies
-BOSU push ups
-BOSU V-ups

Set 3:
-BOSU squat & press
-BOSU press
-Floor supermans

Set 4:
-Partner BOSU oblique twists
-1/4 mile run

1.5 Mile Group Run

Group Cool-down Stretches

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sunday Group Workout 6/19/10

Warm up run

Set 1:
Speed ladder running drill
Barbell squats
Kettle bell squat to alt. arm press

Set 2:

Speed ladder burpies
Barbell bent over row
Push up

Set 3:

Reverse crunch
Table top crunch
Floor supermans

Group stretching

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunday Group Workout 6/13/10

Warm up run

Round 1:

-pad lunge
-ball leg curl
-crunch with ball between knees

Round 2:
-ball push up
-ball plank
-ball shoulder press

Round 3:

-bench chest press
-bench chest fly
-bench leg lifts

Round 4:

-bench skull crushers
-bench sit ups

Cool down stretching

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Running Stupid Podcast Challenge

Running Stupid is in the final round of the Podcast Challenge and needs you! Please spread the word to anyone you think would be interested!!!!

Ultra-runner Ken: "I host a podcast called Running Stupid. Over the last fourteen months, RS has been involved in a contest with forty seven other running related podcasts. I'm is excited to be able to tell you that this is the final month of the Podcast Challenge and RS is in the final two! It's been quite a year. This contest has really helped the RS community of Stupidheads, if you will, grow into something very special! On top of that, winning this will be a great opportunity for RS. Already, we've attracted the interest of folks who would like to give away products on the show. Winning this event will open a lot of doors for RS! Growth, opportunity and bragging rights are the only prize in this contest.

This month our competition, RunRunLive has really set the bar high. Currently, they are in the lead by about 500 miles. I'm really excited by this for two reasons: First, it gives the Stupidhead community a chance to really show it's true colors and shine! Second, it gives me an excuse to reach out to people like you, my running friends that I don't get to see enough of!

If you have the time, here's how you can help: The contest is on Buckeye Outdoors. I've been using Buckeye to log my runs for the last year now. Last month, they had a major overhaul. I'm finding the site easier to use and pretty convenient.


You'll have to create a user profile. From there, go to the group challenges and join Running Stupid on "There Can be Only One Round 14". Here's a direct link to the contest:


After that, simply log your miles. This round only involves running in May and is retroactive for the whole month. Chris from RRL pointed out in his great video tutorial that you don't need to log every day. Once or twice this month should do the trick.


I know that we're all in the middle of our season and time is at a premium. Logging miles for RS should hopefully only take five to ten minutes of your time. Any time/miles you can give will mean a lot!!!

If you haven't listened to RS yet, please check it out:


You can also find it for free in the iTunes store. I have a lot of fun doing this show! As I runner, I think that you'll really enjoy it too! There are a couple fun (and long) interviews (Dean Karnazes and Gary Robbins) along with some back of the pack race reports (including my just barely finishing the 100k version of HURT 100... Woah!) and what I hope is a lot of information and entertainment!

If you have any questions about the Podcast Challenge, Running Stupid or how to sign up, you can check the Running Stupid Facebook page:


Or email me at


Thank you so much for your time and miles!!! Please forward this to any friend you can think of that can help in the contest! (Anyone good friends with Scott Jurek? We could really use his record breaking 24 hour run!!! He-he!) Can't wait to see you out on the trail!

All Day!